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Finding A Gestational Surrogate From Afar Can Be An Intimidating Process. We Aim To Make Surrogacy Process Seamless and Hassel Free, No Matter How Far Intended Parents Are!

Since 2010, we are assisting infertile couples to realize their dream of parenthood via SAFE, SECURE, and AFFORDABLE Surrogacy Services, globally.  As the name suggest, Complete Surrogacy, is your one-stop solution to all surrogacy needs.   No matter you’re are a prospective intended parent, surrogate mother, egg donor, or surrogacy professional, we are here to help.

Complete Surrogacy is a subsidiary company of IVF Conceptions, Indian based Fertility Medical Tourism Agency. Since 2010, IVF Conceptions is One-Stop Solution to Safe, Secure, and Affordable Assisted Reproductive Services including Third Party Reproductive Services, worldwide.

Complete Surrogacy aims to exclusively catering to the need of Surrogacy Services for all parties- Intended Parents, Surrogate Mothers, Egg Donors, Surrogacy Clinics, and Surrogacy Lawyers. It offers international surrogacy and egg donor services, which are inclusive, trusted, and ethical.

Complete Surrogacy is a dedicated group of professionals focused on providing comprehensive support and guidance to the intended parents for navigating the complex journey of infertility and Surrogacy parenthood.

With expertise in reproductive medicine, counselling psychology, third party reproduction, international surrogacy, and global legal framework, the team offers dedicated and comprehensive support.

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Together we can make parenthood possible! Lets collaborate and grow!

Complete Surrogacy Services for All

Tailored Solutions for Every Family. Surrogacy Consulting Services Includes But Are Not Limited To

Gestational Surrogacy

Personalized support and communication throughout the entire journey

Gay Surrogacy

Same-sex surrogacy options – Best countries for gays surrogacy/LGBT Surrogacy

Donor Surrogacy

Access to affordable and high-quality ART medical facilities and treatments

HIV Surrogacy

Complete surrogacy guide so that Intended Parent makes informed choices

Guaranteed Baby Surrogacy

Guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Plan with cheapest surrogacy costs

International Surrogacy

Global surrogacy options with best countries for surrogacy that are secure and affordable

Affordable Yet Secure International Surrogacy Consulting, Globally

We are a group of professionals assisting infertile couples to realize their dream of parenthood via safe secure, and affordable Third-Party Reproductive Services, globally.

01 A Network of Caring and Qualified Professionals

Complete Surrogacy has established a vast network of caring and qualified professionals, including fertility specialists, legal experts, and experienced surrogacy agencies.

02 Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

We take great pride in creating an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can pursue their dreams of having a family.

03 Transparent Cost and Lowest Cost

We understand the significance of transparency and trust in the surrogacy process. With Complete Surrogacy, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

04 Global surrogacy Options for ALL

Your journey towards parenthood begins here. Let us be your guiding light, walking alongside you as you embark on this incredible adventure.

Why Choose us For Your Family Building:


International Surrogacy Countries

We offer surrogacy programs in countries where it is legal, affordable, and safe for international intended parents. 



Surrogacy in Georgia is popular due to low surrogacy cost, minimal documentation requirements and legal protection to all parties. It is safe option for only hetero couples.


Surrogacy in Mexico offers notable advantages. It is more affordable than the US and European programs. Surrogacy in Mexico is inclusive allowing gay couples, single men, and women.


Surrogacy in the United States is governed by state laws, not federal ones. Most US states the law supports and recognises gestational surrogacy, but high cost of surrogacy is a big drawback.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is popular due to low surrogacy cost, minimal documentation requirements and legal protection to all parties. It is safe option for only hetero couples.


Surrogacy in Colombia offers numerous benefits like most affordable surrogacy cost and allowing all families types like LGBT, Gay couples, Hetero couples, single men or women.


In Argentina, altruistic surrogacy is permitted. Surrogates receive expense compensation, and health insurance covers the process. Only gestational surrogacy is allowed.


Surrogacy in Kazakhstan has similar process as in other countries like Georgia and Ukraine as the country allows surrogacy only married couples.

Together we can make parenthood possible.

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Why Our Intended Parents Choose Us- Testimonials

I was introduced to Neelam by a friend who worked with Neelam for surrogacy. Neelam is absolutely wonderful. I am a single male and the journey to fatherhood is not that easy. Neelam connected me to a program ideal for my circumstances. She was with me throughout the pregnancy providing advice and guidance along the way. I am so grateful I found her and am thrilled today that I have a beautiful daughter. I highly recommend Neelam to anyone who is on a journey to become a parent. Having a child has changed my world for the better. I wish others success with their own journey and recommend you connect with Neelam to find a path that is best for you.


Neelam is empathic and an awesome professional. She’s always available and eager to response to clients calls. She followed our process the way. Definitely recommend.

J&C (UK)

This whole journey has been absolutely wonderful. And I have such a beautiful daughter today. I have such an amazing army of family and friends surrounding me. She’s brought so much joy to everyone Especially me. I’m grateful that we moved forward I don’t know what I would do without her. So please let Mark now we made the right decision and yes I’m thinking about a second journey. I think it’s important to raise a child with a sibling. So two children seems like the right thing. Will make a final decision in the next 3 to 4 months.


Thank you so much for your handholding and for connecting me with everything. I am so grateful for the role that you’ve played. I’m the happiest father alive. Thank you so much for your guidance along the way. She’s adorable and I’m all gushy in love!!!


Hoping to have wonder babies, we initiated the process with Neelam at IVF Conceptions. Her warm concerns and dedicated helps drive this process moving through frustrated change of surrogacy policy in India. Finally, the surrogacy was smoothly transferred to Russia and now, we saw our baby growing already. We greatly thank Neelam, who sincerely helped us to achieve our baby dream. There is no doubt that both IVF conceptions and IVF Sunrise provided excellent surrogacy service with transparent fund transactions.


We are so glad to inform about arrival of twins for our single Intended Parent.. This was his first attempt with Asian egg donor and he was successful in first round of embryos transfer with twins. The pregnancy term was eventless and during routine visit on 34 weeks- doctor decided to CS as surrogate was 4 cm dilated. Babies are so cute and adorable and surrogate- doing well. It goes without saying J L is very delighted and busy dad!!!

JL Singapore

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