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Complete Surrogacy is your One-Stop solution to affordable yet trusted Surrogacy, worldwide.

My name is Neelam Chhagani. It is my pleasure to guide, support and assist prospective Intended Parents to build their families through IVF, Egg Donations and Surrogacy process.  I work as a worldwide IVF and surrogacy consultants. 

Our Mission is to build families for all with Third-Party Reproductive Services.  We provide complete surrogacy solution. 

Our mission to help in building families for each person around the world with Assisted Reproduction technologies and Third-Party Reproduction assistance.

Therefore, we strive to provide quality yet affordable fertility services to all irrespective of their race, religion, marital status, economic or social background, and geographical locations.  There, we offer what is best to the Intended Parents.

How we can help you to build families via Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother?

We are a group of medical professionals assisting infertile couples to realize their dream of parenthood via IVF, egg donations, and surrogate mother, globally.  Because we already guided and supported numerous Intended Parents to make families possible from last 8 years, so we can do the same for you!!! 

The most specific advantage we offer you in your surrogacy process.

 1. We have a global approach- We are partnered with leading IVF Clinics with state-of-the-art IVF Labs and the latest and world-class types of equipment/technologies.  So, you can say you will work working most elite fertility clinics with ethical practice and high success rate.

2. Affordable and transparent- We firmly believe that the cost should not be a factor to stop you from parenthood.  Therefore, we have negotiated the most cost-effective fertility packages with our IVF Clinics without compromising on the quality of services.

Additionally,  we are continuously searching for a new avenue where fertility treatments can be provided in the most affordable yet secure way.

Not all Intended parents can afford high-end surrogacy services.   On top of that cross-border surrogacy can be scary with lots of money and emotions involved.

Therefore, we make the priority to find and manage exclusive package in countries like Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia. 

In these countries, commercial surrogacy is allowed at an affordable cost.  It is possible to become a parent via a gestational carrier with the same quality of services, at half the cost of US or European countries.

As there is no hidden fee or surprise cost later, so you pay what is agreed with full trust and transparency. All fee paid directly to clinics. We do not charge any fee for our services.

3. Expert and sector knowledge – Anyone who has spent many years in the field of fertility treatment especially in egg donation and surrogacy,  knows how quickly laws changes overnight.

In the last few years, most countries are shutting the doors for cross-border surrogacy.  At one time, surrogacy in India was popular, but now it is completely banned for foreigners.

Similarly, a few years back Thailand rose to the pinnacle of surrogacy services and then shut down overnights.  The almost same story was repeated with Nepal, Cambodia, and Mexico.

Surrogacy is an ever-evolving field and it is very important to keep updated with new trends and new legally viable options, thus we are here to help the new would be parents.

Therefore, we offer next best surrogacy options which are legal and secure as well.

So, our experience and updated knowledge come in handy because we can offer you the best possible scenarios.  We have years of experience in coordinating delicate cross-border surrogacy with love and personal care.  We strive to provide honest, quick and trustworthy communications to our Intended Parents.

4. Comprehensive support- We are a one-stop solution to all your infertility related requirements, thus making your overall journey hassle free.

We make sure to offer the best fertility clinic, egg donor agency, and surrogacy agency for Commissioning parents, through our deep and strong networking and years of experiences in this domain.

Assistance is given in logistic support during your visit for fertility treatments along with our local partners.   We also offer assistance in all legal matter pertaining to visa and taking baby home process.  Thus, we fully participate and dedicated toward our Intended  Parents.

5. A wide range of services provided- 

  • IVF
  • Egg Donation
  • Surrogacy for Couples
  • Surrogacy for LGBT
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Gender Selection
  • Embryos Donation
  • HIV Fertility Treatments
  • Shipment Assistance

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and to know more about your best and most suitable options.  Your parenthood journey starts with contacting us now!!!


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About Us

Surrogacy Process
Neelam Chhagani

IVF and Surrogacy process made easy!

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions So, it is my great pleasure to assist you in building family via surrogacy process.

Since 2010, I have been successfully guiding and supporting Prospective Intended Parents to build their family via Third- Party Reproductive services.

Know more about us- here!

The internet is full of information and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  There is too much information and too much to be offered. But, knowing what is best for you matter most and that what exactly we do for you. 

We cut the noise and guide you step-by-step, with most affordable and trusted fertility and gestational carrier process to become parents.

But I must say, it is teamwork with many dedicated and compassionate people working in different time zones, seamlessly.  After all, creating a New Life is not easy!!

Our team of cross-border professionals will lead prospective Intended Parents to build their family through IVF, Egg Donations and surrogacy services.

We provide start to-end support in building families which includes, but not limited to-

  • Medical assistance for IVF-ICSI with most reputed IVF Clinics, Globally.
  • Explaining the surrogacy process and thus setting realistic expectations.
  • Assistance in egg donor and surrogate mother selection by sharing ideal criteria.
  • Local support on arrival for IVF and at the time of baby pick up.
  • Providing visa assistance,  as and when needed.
  • Airport picks up and coordinating all visits to the IVF Clinic.
  • Legally supporting full baby exit process with local Reproductive/Family Attorney.
  • Cryo shipment Assistance for frozen gametes and frozen embryos, worldwide.

Our aim is to add value and make your parenthood journey a hassle-free experience.  We focus on key pain area of prospective Intended parents by offering –

  1. Reduce fertility treatment cost
  2. Offering Affordable yet trusted Third Party Reproduction possibilities
  3.  Saving your research time
  4. By Optimize your resource with us.
  5. Our services are free of cost

We are a source of in-depth sector knowledge, thus, can help you in making an informed decision.  As per the specific need of the prospective Intended Parents, we make a customized plan for each would be parents.

We are the first-hand source of information and support, but, we do not charge any fee to you.  Our services are free of cost. All payment directly goes to local fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies, thus making full surrogacy process transparent and reliable.

Your cost of fertility treatment will remain exactly the same or even less,  as we often bargain a lower IVF fee for our Intended Parents.

Our approach is expansive, so, making us the most preferred choice for cross-border fertility treatment seekers.

Our associates are the most experienced and internationally renowned IVF clinic and surrogacy agencies and egg donation agencies, thus making sure to deliver the great results, consistently.

We are proud to be part of more than 200+ Intended Parents across the 25+ countries or should we say we walked with them in their parenthood journeys.

Here, what our lovely parents say about us)

So, without waiting much, take the first step now to become parents, by getting in touch with us!!


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